Apprvl NYC is a handmade brand specializing in indigo shibori dyeing. Made in Brooklyn, Apprvl offers both vintage goods and handmade, hand dyed crafts.

Birthdays, Parties & Holiday Markets!

We are officially welcoming the season of personal indulgence, and shopping for loved ones for the holidays with some birthdays and markets, accompanied with parties and wine.  Lots of wine.

This weekend we were gratefully apart of #VictoryMarket, which was sponsored by our very own Squarespace!  Still buzzing from all of our traffic (the Dye Kits sold out!!) and meeting some amazing new people, we are now gearing up for next weekend's holiday market in soho!

If you missed out last weekend on all of our blueness, and want to pick up some vintage textiles, Dyed goodies, or know someone who would love a Dye Kit as a gift, make sure to stop by!  

Getting Cozy

Happily Hunted