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Gucci Baby


Gucci Baby

Megan Mussari

When you find that perfect pair of lightly worn Gucci shoes for 40$, and that isn't even the best part of your day, you know things are going in a great direction.  

Second hand items are my life.  I've been a hunter since I can remember and I believe it's in my blood, passed down from my mother (sprinkled with a hoarding tendency from my father's side).  I have been slowly weeding out my closet of Fast Fashion and searching for those gems in thrift/consignment stores.  

Recently, a few clients have been sending me their old clothes, couch covers, ect.  to be over dyed - making them new again and adding life into their closets and homes.  I am hoping to spread that newness and encourage all to send me your tired old things.  It'll dye 'em back into shape!