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Create & Cultivate Feature!


Create & Cultivate Feature!

Megan Mussari

A few months ago we made 600 bandanas for the Create & Cultivate ATL conference in a matter of DAYS! it was one of the most challenging requests do to the volume - our first question to answer to ourselves was "where and how do we dry them all?" we usually hand wash all of our bandanas and line dry them one by one.  Thankfully there was a temporary open space in our studio where we created a crazy looking drying room and were able to dye, wash and dry all those bandanas in a few days!

After everyone got their Good Luck bandanas in their gift bags, we got to talk to Create & Cultivate about our brand, values and our love for Squarespace as our platform!

You can read the interview here! and check out the other awesome hardworking ladies that they talked to!!