Apprvl NYC is a handmade brand specializing in indigo shibori dyeing. Made in Brooklyn, Apprvl offers both vintage goods and handmade, hand dyed crafts.

Nordstrom x Apprvl Pop-In shop FADED

HO-LY MO-LY.  This year has been huge for us, and one of the coolest steps we've taken so far was an awesome collaboration with Nordstrom and Olivia Kim, on their October-November Pop-In shop FADED.  You can find our Dye Kits, Bandanas, Denim Repair Kits, rope bowls and note cards at 6 locations in the US and 2 in Canada!  We are one of many cool brands that were chosen to be apart of this installation and cannot handle how cool this whole experience has been!


Create & Cultivate Feature!

Create & Cultivate Feature!

Flower Bundle Dye Workshop at Ludlow House