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Our Low-Waste Summer Party Guide

I basically hide away all winter in the studio, only going to the gym or the occasional birthday party at a bar, but when Summer hits I am a Yes-woman and love to go to events, BBQ’S, park parties, dog’s birthdays, anything. I wanted to compile a list of things to make planning/attending a summer party, low waste but not a hassle.

  1. Paperless Post Invites - more thoughtful than a mass text, and they have an insane amount of options to set the vibe for whatever the event might be!

  2. Farmers Market fruits and veggies - it’s local, it’s fresh, you can plan ahead and bring your own bags! Bring a homemade dip and voila! you’re basically Martha.

  3. Portable cutting board and knife - to chop and display your farmers market haul!

  4. A Baguette Tote - to carry your bread duh

  5. Biodegradable/compostable Dinnerwear - If you can’t bring your own or your party is too big you can opt for disposable cutlery and plates from Nature’s Party. They have sugar cane, palm leaf and wood options

  6. Plantable Confetti and decor - the “plantable” seed paper idea has been great for creating guilt free confetti and decor! also makes for a good takeaway!

Tell us your favorite eco-party hacks!

The Apprvd List : Caitlin Garcia-Ahern of Thread Caravan

The Apprvd List : Caitlin Garcia-Ahern of Thread Caravan

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The Apprvd List : Trishala Bhansali of Lekha