Apprvl NYC is a handmade brand specializing in indigo shibori dyeing. Made in Brooklyn, Apprvl offers both vintage goods and handmade, hand dyed crafts.

The Apprvd List: Alexis Deboschnek

The Apprvd List: Alexis Deboschnek

images photographed by : Bas Berkhout, Kate Devine and Kort Havens

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What is your name?

Alexis deBoschnek

What is your Brand/ what do you do?

I'm a freelance cook, recipe developer, and host.

Where are you located?

Los Angeles by way of New York.

What is one (or more) sustainable/eco friendly practice you do daily?

I have about 12 canvas bags floating around the back of my car at all times that I take grocery shopping, which if you work as a cook, is nearly daily. I freeze scraps like chicken bones, onion peels, parsley stems, Parmesan rinds, and whatever other bits I have. Once I've got a bag full, I make stock and freeze that. It's low waste, and having homemade stock on hand is hard to beat.

Alexis’ Apprvd List

Food Company

There's so many great food companies out there right now! Ever since I tried Brightland Olive Oil, it's been a staple in my house. I really can't get enough of the stuff. The only problem is you'll never be able to go back to grocery store olive oil again. My favorite restaurant in LA, Botanica, sells the best chile oil I've ever had. Between that and Brightland I'm dousing my meals in one or the other.

Clothing/Fashion brand

I've been really into Lacausa lately. They're ethically designed and madein Los Angeles and have a really easy, California vibe. I finally got on the Ilana Kohn jumpsuit bandwagon and now I can't imagine wearing anything else. Everlane never fails for basics.

Make Up

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but when I do I like Glossier.

Skin care

My skin went through a rough patch for a few years and Drunk Elephant was the only product line that actually started to soothe my skin. These days I'm really diligent about keeping a consistent routine, washing my face twice a day, using daily spf, the whole nine yards. Every few months I'll splurge and get a facial at Kate Somerville or Face Haus which also helps keeps things under control.

Hair care

I've never used fancy hair products before, but a few months ago I was gifted Christophe Robin's lineup and my hair has never been so silky. I'm a convert for life.

Home products

I have a few pillows from Block Shop that I really love. One day I'll buy one of their prints. They're designed in Los Angeles and made in India.

Cleaning products

The full line up of Mrs. Meyer's in lemon verbena.

kitchen products

I'm really grateful to have a kitchen stocked with All-Clad, Le Creuset, and KitchenAid. I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen - I mean, it's my job - so it's important that I have tools I can rely on. Yes, it's a splurge, but it's so worth the investment if you cook.


Apprvl, obviously! I’m obsessed with my friend Susan’s line, Susan Alexandra. I wear mostly neutrals and her bags add such a fun pop of color. I wear the same rings every day - one from Catbird, one from Giles & Brother that I've worn since my freshman year of college in 2008, and a diamond ring that's been in my family for over 100 years! Usually I'll wear hoops or studs, but I try to stay away from anything too dangly or cumbersome when I'm in the kitchen (most days).


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Madewell X Apprvl Naturally Tie Dyed Jacket Collaboration

Madewell X Apprvl Naturally Tie Dyed Jacket Collaboration