Apprvl NYC is a handmade brand specializing in indigo shibori dyeing. Made in Brooklyn, Apprvl offers both vintage goods and handmade, hand dyed crafts.

The Apprvd List : Caitlin Garcia-Ahern of Thread Caravan

The Apprvd List : Caitlin Garcia-Ahern of Thread Caravan

Book a workshop adventure, follow Caitlin and Thread caravan, or email her at

Caitlin is also doing amazing things for the stray dogs in her area you can find more information Here, or follow @caravancanina

What is your name?

Caitlin Garcia-Ahern

What is your Brand/ what do you do? 

I started and run Thread Caravan -- a project that hosts cultural art workshops in collaboration with artisan communities in Oaxaca, Guatemala, Panama, Morocco and India. Our focus is textiles, but we also currently offer educational experiences related to ceramics, mezcal-making and food. 

Where are you located?

Oaxaca, Mexico but I’m from the United States and have lived all over. My answers will be focused on Oaxaca with a mix of other suggestions that can be found on the internet. :)

What is one (or more) sustainable/eco friendly practice you do daily?

Although we have a rainy season, the Oaxaca valley is desertous. I am hyper aware of my water usage and make every effort to conserve water. One way I do this is by keeping buckets in the shower to collect grey water which I use to water my plants or mop. 

Caitlin’s Apprvd List 

Food Company

La Cosecha and La Jicara have nice organic food selections. Both places have a small selection of produce and other food items for purchase, in addition to a restaurant area where you can have a meal.

For eating out: Itanoni focuses on heirloom corn dishes, Criollo has an amazing all-local tasting menu, and Boulenc is great anytime of day for fresh breads and fermented foods. 

In Guatemala, Caoba Farms is a must.

Clothing/Fashion brand

Mexican: Carla Fernandez, Mexchic, ⅛ Takamura, Zii Ropa

U.S.:  State the Label, Osei Duro, Marty Jean, Maker and Mineral, Ace and Jig

Skin care 

Relato Nativo is made in the mountains of Oaxaca but now available all over Mexico and in the US.

Botanico is my favorite for dental care products.

Virmanik is a lovely shop here in Oaxaca that sells both Relato Nativo and Botanico products as well as a collection of other organic Mexican-made skin care and beauty products. 

Sable at Beautyscapes Co. has an online shop that also stocks Relato Nativo and some other nice natural skin care products.

Home Decor products

Luna Zorro, Itza Wood, Rrres, Colectivo 1050, Lanni, Nade Studio, Kesslyr Dean, Mexchic, Magda Made, EMK ceramics, East Fork Pottery, Ilano designs, Via Raiz, Meso Goods, Minna


Bricolage Press, Nade Studio/Maggie Pate, Modern Macrame, Thread Caravan ;)


Natural Colors Cookbook, Mending Matters

Jewelry / accessories / shoes

Truss NYC, Magda Made, Bryr clogs, Ilano designs, Apprvl :) Mohinders

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Apprvl at Floravere & Over The Moon "Something Blue" event

Apprvl at Floravere & Over The Moon "Something Blue" event

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