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The Apprvd List : Trishala Bhansali of Lekha

The Apprvd List : Trishala Bhansali of Lekha

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What is your name? 

Trishala Bhansali

What is your Brand/ what do you do? 

Lekha is designed in new orleans, and i work with artisans, predominantly women and predominantly located in rural villages, all over india to produce womens clothing and footwear. Lekha is still in its infancy, but it came about from a childhood spent roaming fabric stalls in Mumbai and making my own clothes with our family tailor, to an early career in women's luxury retail in NYC, to a desire to contribute to something on a more global scale, while also getting to educate myself on my heritage and family legacy in india. I now get to be creative, collaborate with all sorts of people from all walks of life, and impact the quality of life for rural Rajasthani and Punjabi women.

Where are you located? 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

What is one (or more) sustainable/eco friendly practice you do daily? 

I bring my yeti to get coffee twice a day, avoiding plastic cups and straws, bring my own grocery bags to farmers market, recycle (new orleans has some pretty strict policies which make it difficult to recycle as much as we did in new york)... we buy our household products in bulk to avoid single-use packaging as well (plus - deals!) 

Trish’s Apprvd List

- Food Company - love Kind and Siggis (coconut), juniper ridge teas, also addicted to honey nut cheerios 

- Clothing/Fashion brand - i mostly live in lekha and vintage, i wear a size 4 shoe so i get all of my shoes made for me as well in india, i shop everlane for basics like tees and jeans and love brands like rodejber, rachel comey, and apiece apart when I'm going to splurge a little

- Make Up - i try to use as little makeup as possible, i use a facial serum from oxalis apothecary that gives my skin a dewy glow, and also use Ilia and RMS beauty

- Skin care- OXALIS APOTHECARY (amazing, erin uses all plant-based products, and makes everything locally at her studio in new orleans)

- Hair care - AVEDA - just started using smooth infusion and texture tonic - i love how confident i feel with these two and a good cut by Karen Wallace at Paris Parker in new orleans 

- Home products - Blockshop, Sunday Shop (new orleans based), and the Joinery (also have a problem with shopping thrift and antique all over the country and coming away with home goods i don't need - since i travel for work/popups on a weekly basis, this can be dangerous)

- cleaning products Honest Company (also love their lavender bubble bath) and Mrs Meyers 

- kitchen products - Crystal Hot Sauce

- jewelry - mostly vintage, i also like emily levine (handmade in india) , laura lombardi

- thrift store - i love 10 ft. single in brooklyn, new york, dop antiques in new orleans, century girl vintage in new orleans, LOW in charlottesville VA, and i shop etsy for vintage too! 

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