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"The natural movements of water have always inspired me, whether it is the journey of a water stream down the street, or the reflection of light off of slow waves in an ocean or pool.  You can find geometric patterns in these, which quickly disappear or evaporate.  I look to preserve those temporary moments while creating my designs.  I hand dye all of my fabrics piece by piece, creating one of a kind experiences, and turning them into household products.  I hope that my imperfect dyed patterns bring these types of experiences and daily discoveries into their new owners’ homes." - MM

"Make It Count" Bandana


"Make It Count" Bandana


***Next Batch Will ship EARLY JUNE***


Each bandana is hand dyed in Logwood, Iron and Oak Gallnut to achieve tones of Grey, black and slightly purple, and then hand screen printed with our unique designs.

These bandanas are hand dyed and printed - they make take up to 2 weeks to ship unless current stock available.

22" x 22"


* portion of the sales will be donated to Standing Rock's legal fund*

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