So You Bought a Denim Repair Kit huh?


1. Choose or cut a denim patch that will be at least 1" larger in all directions of the hole you would like to mend. If your worn denim has any long frays, trim those down so nothing gets tangled in your stiches.

2. Pin your swatch onto your denim. This is where you can decide if you want the raw edges of the Jean or the patch on the inside or outside! You can also do larger basting stiches closer to the hole to hold this piece in place if it is easier for you.

3. Use the needle threader to thread the sashiko thread through the needle. Pull enough thread through the needle to create a tail between 3-12". Now pull a comfortable length to sew with (about 25-30") and cut the end. 

4. Determine a starting point on your denim and patch where a corner of your sashiko mending will be. Begin stichting 1/2" in from that point, working in the opposite direction. Once you hit your starting point, turn around and stitch over those stiches again. This is to hold your stichting in place without needing a knot.

5. Stiches should be longer on the outside of your mending and shorter on the inside of your mending, and should try to stay consistent in length. Underneath stiches should be about 1/3 the size of the top stiches. 

6. When stichting use your needle to catch a few stiches and then pull through. 

7. When you finish stichting the width of one line on your patch, leave a little bit of slack in the thread and begin the next line just above your finished previous line. Repeat. You will end up alternating which side a line starts on. 

8. Keep going until your piece is finished. You will end your stichting the way you began, going backwards a few stiches and making a knot.



sashiko, with a literal translation of littl stabs, is a traditional Japanese way to visibly mend clothing by creating stitched patterns that are as beautiful as they are functional. We want your jeans to live a long life. And by taking little stabs at them, you can give them a little character.

Determine where your first row of stitches will be. Start 1/2" in from the end, facing towards the end. 

Create 3 stiches by dipping the needle below material and back up again, repeating. 

Pull thread through to end. Leave a very small bit of the loosened. 

Turn needle around and double over your starting stiches. 

Pull thread through, leaving a little loop at the end about the size of a stich.

start your stichting!